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How it all began

Family business
My Alpenwelt Resort

History makes us what we are today. A family business with about 120 employees. We have grown over the years - not only the alpine hut but also our mindset, our tasks, and our goals.

But one thing has remained the same: we want to make your holiday dream come true. Sounds cheesy - but it's true.

Yours sincerely,

Your hosts

We are Susi and Hannes – cook, soul of the house, DJ, jack-of-all-trades, hotel owner – and your hosts. At My Alpenwelt Resort, we attach great importance to personal contact and look forward to getting to know you personally - while partying in the club, having a drink at the bar, or simply having a chat at the DJ booth in the Susi Alm. And if you have read carefully, you now also know where the names of our Day & Dinner Club and the Bergliebe Club come from. If you don't, we'll explain it over a drink.



International DJs and musicians constantly flock here. Some play driving electro sounds in the in-house club, the Hannes Alm, others come to us to write and record their new albums. And you can experience them all up close and celebrate with them. Once a year, the three-day Bergliebe Mountain Spring Festival takes place.

Bergliebe Club Königsleiten
Alpenwelt family

From alpine hut to resort

The pioneer in the mountains

The history of the Alpenwelt Resort in Königsleiten is a story full of adventures, factures, and courageous people. First and foremost: Fritz Kröll – the founding father of our house...

Fritz Kröll was born on December 16, 1934 at the mountain farm "Mitterhaus" as one of a total of six children – four boys and 2 girls. Like all the children at the time, he attended the elementary school in Wald for eight years.

During this time, he was already working on his parents' mountain farm, which also included alpine pastures in today's Königsleiten – the "Kothalpe". Here, the family owned a small alpine hut, where they lived during the time hay was harvested on the mountain in summer and often until mid-January. In 1951, however, disaster struck: the hut burned down completely. However, thanks to the Fire Aid Association, it was rebuilt. None of the participants had any idea what it would one day become ...

My Alpenwelt