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My Alpenwelt Resort

01 MY ALPENWELT Resort ****Superior
02 Susi Alm
03 Bergliebe shop
04 Pizzeria Amore
05 5742 THE TABLE Restaurant
06 Indoor children's world
07 FelsenBAD & FelsenSPA
08 Family Aquapark
09 Fun court
10 Bärensee Badeteich
11 Million Stars Sky Bed
12 Mitterhaus-Alm & chapel
13 Outdoor action playground
14 Water park
15 Bären Camp
16 Elektro-Trial-Park
17 Valley station of the Königsleiten Dorfbahn
18 Bergliebe Club
19 Hannes' Alm
20 Convertible excursion 
21 Motorcycle tour
22 Schönmoosalm
23 Hiking paradise
24 Gipfeltreffen restaurant
25 Gipfelwelt Königsleiten
26 Kröndlwurm-See

365 days
Vacation Plus

Just between us: the most beautiful hotel room, the best culinary experience, the most relaxing wellness offer, and the most uncomplicated childcare are only half the battle when it comes to a truly brilliant vacation. There's a little more to it than that. 

Lucky for us, as your new favorite accommodation, we reside in the middle of a wonderful natural landscape that offers ALL the opportunities for exciting recreational activities. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Sports, relaxation, sightseeing, culture. Leisurely or action-packed, loud or quiet. What else could you want?

E-biking. Go for a ride. Single trails. Downhill. High-altitude hiking. Climbing mountains. Cross-country skiing. Speed carving. Slow skiing. Snowboarding. Snowshoeing. Tobogganing. Swimming. Dancing. Sightseeing. Feasting. Pure enjoyment. Vacation.
Call it what you want. The main thing is that you do it. Full of enthusiasm.

My Alpenwelt