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In vino veritas

Wine shop

That's why we've taken precautions: we have over 120 quality wines - of Austrian and international origin - available in our wine shop. Tasty red wine, sweet white wine, fruity rosé - which would you choose? Maybe you would prefer a glass filled with exquisite sparkling wine or Champagne? 

And again you are spoiled for choice. Only our young sommelier Daniel can help here - he has the insight. And you have the taste.

"Old Fritz" & "Red Hans"

My Alpenwelt house wines

In addition to the extensive range of wines of different vintages, small & large bottles as well as wine rarities can also be found on our menu, including fine wines from the Austrian winery Leo Hillinger. And it was precisely this Hillinger who created very special top cuvées for My Alpenwelt Resort: “Old Fritz” and “Red Hans”.

The wine creations are named after the fathers of your hosts Susanne & Hannes. Do the Alpenwelt house wines taste as good as the names sound? Come see for yourself as quickly as possible. Let's meet at the bar!

My Alpenwelt